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Sea Buckthorn Hydrating Essence

Hey Beautiful! Some folks wanna know what the difference is between a toner and an essence. A toner is essentially used to further clean up any leftover dirt, oil, or debris on your skin. It should also help to rebalance  your skin’s pH. An essence, on the other hand, is primarily meant to help nourish and hydrate the skin. Since neither toners or essences are regulated terms, some companies make toners that are very essence-like, and conversely, some companies make essences that are remarkably toner-like. Both toners and essences can have actives in them to give you an extra little boost in your skincare routine, but they’re not mandatory. So how do you choose? Your best bet is to read and research the ingredients and choose the one that best aligns with your skin’s needs, and your wants as a consumer. Or, you know, you can just make your own. It’s quite easy! You can start with my:

 Sea Buckthorn Hydrating Essence 

Phase A:

88.35% / 88.35g Distilled Water

.5% / .5g Aloe Powder

.05% / .05g Polyquaternium - 10

Phase B: 

.4% / .4g Allantoin 

1% / 1g Panthenol Powder (d,l Panthenol)

2% / 2g Hydrolyzed Oat Protein

3% / 3g Sea Buckthorn Extract

4% / 4g Sodium Lactate

.2% / .2g Polyquaternium - 7

.5% / .5g Liquid Germall Plus


100% / 100g


  1. Combine all Phase A ingredients. Aloe powder will dissolve in about 5 minutes. The Polyquaternium - 10 will take much longer to dissolve (around 2 - 3 hours) unless you add a bit of heat. Heat is optional, and not necessary.
  2. After aloe dissolves, add the ingredients of Phase B to Phase A and stir to incorporate everything together. 
  3. Transfer product to a sterilized bottle with a tight-fitting cap. 
  4. Once Polyquaternium - 10 has dissolved fully, the essence is ready to use.

To use:

 Pour a small amount onto a cotton round or bare hands. Swipe, or gently pat, essence onto your cleansed skin. Let air-dry and proceed with your skincare routine. 


You can watch this product being made on our YouTube channel @GabandDrew

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Sea Buckthorn Extract

Sodium Lactate

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