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Rose Coconut Powder-to-Foam Face Wash

I have been intrigued with powder-to-foam face washes for many years now. The first one I recall is the original Rice Polish Foaming Enzymatic Powder face wash from Tacha - gosh, was that REALLY 13 years ago already? Anyway, I remember getting a small sample of it as a gift from the purchase of some other skincare, and I loved that it transformed from a slightly grainy, white powder to a creamy handful of gentle bubbles in seconds. But I soon forgot about it with the “next new thing”. 

Flashback, uh, “forward?” to sometime around 2018 when I found Humblebee and Me on Youtube. Marie - the founder, owner, & channel host made a similar powder-to-foam face cleanser, and I was gobsmacked that someone could make this in their own home! It had just never occurred to me that a regular person had access to the materials to make it. That started me on the path to seeing “what else I could make” and I found soapmaking and started doing that, too. 

You can definitely see some of Marie’s influence in this recipe, but I wanted something loaded with rose petal powder because it’s basically a “wonder ingredient”! Rose petal powder has lots of vitamins C & E, it’s anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and helps fight acne and lighten skin/even skintone - all while still being so mild and gentle that you can use it everyday! It’s truly a win-win!

This recipe also has some marshmallow root powder, but honestly, i don’t think it adds much to the final formulation when you’ve got xanthan gum in there, too, so feel free to leave that out if you don’t have any on hand. You can just add those extra 5 grams to the tapioca powder input. Also, feel free to substitute the coconut milk powder if you want to do a real milk ingredient, and you can use any plant oil you’d like. And, of course, you do not have to scent your face products, so you can choose to leave that out, as well. If you decide NOT to scent your product, just sub that out with more plant oil. Ok, let’s go!

 *Rose Coconut Powder-to-Foam Face Wash Formula/Recipe*

22g SCI Powder (Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate) 

37g Tapioca Starch 

0.3g Xanthan Gum 

5g Marshmallow Root Powder 

10g Rose Petal Powder 

20g Coconut Milk Powder 

5g Rice Bran Oil 

0.5g Mixed Tocopherols 50% (Vitamin E) 

0.2g Fragrance (optional) *I used Rose Gelato from Candlescience **It's being discontinued** See the link below to see if they still have any left.  

1. Wearing a tight-fitting mask (preferably a respirator), add all of the powdered ingredients into a bowl or large measuring cup. 

2. Mix until well-combined. 

3. In a smaller vessel/cup of some kind, add together all of the liquid ingredients. 

4. Mix well. 

5. Add the liquid ingredients to the powdered ingredients and mix very well. 

6. Transfer to a jar or bottle with a tight-fitting lid. 

*To use: Add ~1/2 teaspoon to the palm of your hand and drizzle a small amount of water onto the powder. Rub hands together to create foam. Wash your face and rinse. *Keep out of eyes. 

This recipe is wonderful! It’s gentle on the skin, it bubbles copiously, and surprisingly, it doesn’t leave a complete mess in your bathroom sink! Enjoy!!

Would you prefer to watch this being made? Please check it out on our Youtube channel!

Where to Buy: 

SCI Powder (Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate) 

Tapioca Starch 

Xanthan Gum 

Marshmallow Root Powder 

Rose Petal Powder 

Coconut Milk Powder 

Rice Bran Oil 

Mixed Tocopherols 50% (Vitamin E) 

Fragrance (optional) *I used "Rose Petal Gelato" from Candlescience **It's being discontinued**