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PERFECT PEACE Artisanal Soap

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This Amazing Grace dupe is another favorite that insists you stop, take a whiff, close your eyes, and daydream of being in your happy place. We even included a touch of activated charcoal for added “purification effect”. The result is a truly wonderful soap that softly scents your skin.

5.5 oz

All of our artisanal soaps are hand-crafted in small batches with a focus on nourishing ingredients and healthy skin. Every one of our vegan bars contain:

* Our 5 core, skin-loving botanicals are infused in 100% pure olive oil: Hibiscus; Centella Asiatica; Moringa; Mugwort; Chamomile. These botanicals are LOADED with antioxidants & vitamins that have antiaging effects, help reduce inflammation, contain AHAs, and moisturize, just to name a few.

* 3 vegan milks: rice milk, organic oat milk, and organic coconut milk. This blend is extremely hydrating, skin-soothing, & softening.

* Aloe and additional glycerin to take moisturization up a notch.

* Kokum Butter for its combination of moisturizing, skin cell regeneration, and antioxidant properties.

* Kaolin Clay - Soothing and extremely gentle, kaolin clay deep cleanses pores and gives the soap bars an amazing silky smooth feel on the skin.

As always, our products are cruelty-free, palm-free, and phthalate-free!

*If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

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Briana S.

Verified Buyer

2 years ago

Smells lovely

Smells lovely, not overpowering, and just a wonderful, fresh scent. Fast shipping and even sent some samples! Will definitely buy from here again. Thanks so much!


Verified Buyer

2 years ago

Loved the scent

Loved the scent I received! It is a perfect scent that is not too overpowering and really feminine. Loved the packaging of my order, too! Really professionally done & I loved how the bar was designed with the various ingredients. Would definitely purchase again!

Yolanda D.

Verified Buyer

2 years ago

Love this soap

Love this soap! It smells wonderful, gives a great lather and leaves the skin clean and feeling amazing.

Ashley K.

Verified Buyer

2 years ago

My favorite scent

My favorite scent! Will continue to purchase from this seller over and over again!